APIs and RSS Feeds

This is a preliminary list of Application Programming Interfaces (APIs), RSS feeds, and OPML (Outline Processor Markup Language) documents across all LifeDesks.
An RSS 2.0 OpenSearch feed across all LifeDesks: e.g. http://www.lifedesks.org/search/?q=spiders&format=rssOpenSearch Description: http://www.lifedesks.org/search/opensearch/
MediaRSS (50 items across all LifeDesks)
An RSS 2.0 MediaRSS feed of the 50 most recent image submissions across all LifeDesks: http://www.lifedesks.org/sites/feed/rss.xml
Published Checklists RSS
An RSS 2.0 feed of published checklists across all LifeDesks: http://www.lifedesks.org/classifications/feed/rss.xml
An XML list of RSS 2.0 MediaRSS feeds containing recently submitted images across all LifeDesks:http://www.lifedesks.org/apis/opml-images/
An XML list of RSS 2.0 Biblio RSS feeds containing recently submitted bibliographic items across all LifeDesks:http://www.lifedesks.org/apis/opml-biblio/
Classification Logs RSS OPML
An XML list of the classification edit log RSS 2.0 feeds across all LifeDesks: http://www.lifedesks.org/apis/opml-classification-logs/
New Features RSS
An RSS 2.0 feed of LifeDesks new releases: http://www.lifedesks.org/newfeatures/feed/rss.xml
Current Tasks RSS
An RSS 2.0 feed of the tasks we are current working on: http://www.lifedesks.org/newfeatures/current/feed/rss.xml
Site Statistics, including EOL Content Partnership Documents
A custom XML document containing basic site statistics as well as a link to the Encyclopedia of Life content partnership file as gzipped XML if present: http://www.lifedesks.org/apis/stats/
Basic Site Discovery and Statistics
JSON-based site-wide discovery with basic statistics and optional callback: e.g. http://www.lifedesks.org/apis/discover/?taxa=Pardosa,Xysticus&callback=myfunction
OAI-PMH v.2 access to bibliographic data
Each site has an Open Archives Initiative Protocol for Metadata Harvesting end-point accessible as: e.g. http://eleodes.lifedesks.org/oai?verb=Identify